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Services Proposal

prepared for Skeeta Watersports
by Lamplight Studios

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Executive Summary

Lamplight Studios (Lamplight) specialises in delivering boutique brand-centric website designs. We invest in understanding our clients’ vision for their brand and deliver websites which align with and strengthen that vision.

Lamplight thanks Skeeta Watersports for their consideration of this proposal.

Based on the requirements provided by Skeeta Watersports, the following web development services are proposed and recommended:

Our Offer

Should Skeeta Watersports accept this proposal, we would be committed to delivering the following:

The following is a list of services which are not included in this proposal:

Lamplight Studios offers the above for 3250AUD.

Project Timeline

This project requires an estimated 3 weeks (15 business days) of design and development time and 2 days for staging and deployment.

This does not reflect the estimated total duration of the project, but the total estimated man-hours required.

Offer Acceptance

The creation of a proposal which is mutually agreeable may require iteration. Feel free to ask for inclusions, exclusions, or clarifications of the provided scope.

We recommend you use your browser’s print feature to save this document as a PDF for record-keeping.

To accept this offer, or to ask for changes or clarifications, please email

Appendix A: Mock-ups

We are pleased to deliver the following mock-ups to demonstrate our design expertise. Please note the following with regard to these designs:

Figure 1: Front page header section mock-up
Figure 2: Main product section mock-up
Figure 3: ‘About Us’ section mock-up

Appendix B: Document Revisions

Version 1.0 – Initial release (10th May 2022)
Version 1.1 – Changed scope limitation from ‘digital design’ to ‘logo design’. (17th May 2022)

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